Swerve by Andrew Bennett

'Swerve'  the series.

'Swerve'  the series.

I had the opportunity to create music for #SwerveTheSeries with my good friend Iain Howie. 'Swerve' premiered this past weekend in Vancouver and will be available online in January.

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enRoute Toronto by Andrew Bennett

VIP Cinemas, Yonge Street, Toronto

Earlier this Spring, Iain Howie and I scored a short film called 'Overcast', and last night at the enRoute event in Toronto I watched that film in a theatre with other filmmakers. I am grateful that I was able to be part of this project, and share in the incredible work the filmmakers put in to create it. I intend to seize new and greater opportunities like this moving forward. Film is a beautiful medium that I am sincerely passionate about, and I hope to contribute some sort of value to it by the time I peace out.

EnRoute by Andrew Bennett

YYC Airport, Calgary, Alberta

Right now, 'Overcast', a film by ten gifted individuals featuring an original score by Iain Howie and myself, is screening at 30,000 feet as part of the Air Canada enRoute Film Festival. I have honestly dreamt about being part of this festival.. This is a pretty cool feeling.

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