Banff / by Andrew Bennett

Banff, AB. 

Banff, AB. 

I have just completed my music residency at the @BanffCentre, and I'm trying to put into words the experience I've had over the last 5 weeks. Incredible, beautiful, and transformative immediately come to mind. Being surrounded by mountains, making music, my passion. It was a bit surreal at first, but after a week it really started to settle in, and magic happened. Something about the mountains has always fostered spiritual-like feelings for me, like an eerie sense of being connected to nature and the universe. Sounds cliche, but it's true.

The power of my experience there was not due to the physical environment alone, but more importantly, the people. I had the pleasure of getting to know some of the most fascinating artists and genuine souls I have ever encountered. Whether it be people, the collaborations, or the environment, the entirety of the experience was deeply inspiring.

I've explored new instruments, new tools, new methods, and ultimately developed a new perspective on music. I've tried my hand at a kind of sound that I've always admired and yearned to create, but simply did not think I could. It's goes without saying that I am excited about what I worked on at the Banff Centre.

I really cannot express how grateful I am to have had this opportunity. While I hope and plan to attend more residencies in the future, I anticipate that I'll reflect on this particular one as being a pivotal event in my life.

When I say thank-you for supporting what I do, it's something I mean quite sincerely. Pursuing a career as an artist is an uncertain path. Personally, I experience regular feelings of doubt, second guessing my decisions as small as a parametric EQ notch to as large as what city to live in. To have supportive friends, family, and colleagues at my side is tremendously encouraging. In the form of words, record purchases, artistic inspirations or ideas, support has come in many forms. I am grateful for the wonderful people I have come to know in my life, and for their generosity over the years.

As I now make my return back home, I will try to let these emotions resonate as long as they can, and bring this renewed perspective to old and new projects. I cannot wait to share my new music with you.. Thanks for your support. -人-