'Goodbye' / by Andrew Bennett

theres a fire that burns, in the bottom of this sea

building to consume, what ever it may breathe

the waters like a savage, suffocating the flame

a belligerence of gods, both without identity


his energetic force, born to have power

lost in existence, if not to devour

her bountiful abyss, a host to much life

but burdened with ability, to rid of what kills her


children of creation, the purest of all

importantly explicit, meaning should be null

so simple it may be, impossible as one

were they to meet, destruction would befall


but truth missed the spot, these children were lost

giving life to all, fluid then frost

to cease or destroy, fire then ash

a life without meaning, but at what cost?


resolute against paradigm, a quest to understand

destiny’s clash, they met on this land

eyes locked but wait, hostility at ease

change or be changed, but both no command


yet born as rivals, impossible together

fate believed no such thing, they’d live as one forever

fire grows, water cleans, eternally at pace

foes with affection, a bond not to sever


a war between souls, chaotic peace inside

they were met with time again, it came to decide

calm would come at last, to curate of pain

a gift to make more, and so they confide


this time was special, but moments reach dawn

no matter the future, memories live on 

life’s greatest gift delivered, i must be consumed

remember these words, i’ll never be gone


but forever met them, they knew what to do

living like this, a gift wished not true

i must die, you know. he kissed her and said

with a whisper that echoed, “goodbye, I love you.”